Education (Domestic Tertiary Student Contract Dispute Resolution Scheme) Rules 2021

9 Initial response of DRS operator to claim


The DRS operator must give written notice to the student claimant and to the provider within 10 working days after the claim is made that—


acknowledges the lodging of the dispute and the nature of the dispute; and




that the dispute is accepted; or


that the dispute is not covered by the scheme and explains why; and


if appropriate, refers the student claimant to the code administrator or another appropriate authority; and


if the provider has not yet had the opportunity to resolve the dispute, refers the student claimant to the provider; and


if the dispute is accepted, outlines the next steps in the process for dealing with the claim (for example, requests for further information or suggested dates for a meeting).


The DRS operator must inform the relevant education quality assurance agency of the nature of the dispute and whether it has been accepted by the DRS operator or referred to the code administrator or another appropriate authority.


If the DRS operator declines the dispute, the DRS operator must refer the student claimant to support services outside the DRS operator (for example, student advocacy, disability support, or well-being support services).