Education (Domestic Tertiary Student Contract Dispute Resolution Scheme) Rules 2021

Part 1 Dispute resolution process

Lodging disputes

5 How to lodge dispute with DRS operator


A student claimant may lodge a dispute against a provider by making a claim under the scheme to the DRS operator.


A claim must set out the following information:


the student claimant’s name:


confirmation that the student claimant is a domestic tertiary student (or a former or prospective domestic tertiary student):


the name of the provider:


sufficient information about the dispute to enable the DRS operator to assess whether to accept the dispute.


A claim may be made in writing or orally.


The DRS operator must record in writing a claim made orally and confirm the record of the claim with the student claimant.


A student claimant must not be charged a fee for making a claim under the scheme.