Legislation Act (Amendments to Legislation) Regulations 2021


Coat of Arms of New Zealand

Legislation Act (Amendments to Legislation) Regulations 2021

Patsy Reddy, Governor-General

Order in Council

At Wellington this 13th day of September 2021

The Right Hon Jacinda Ardern presiding in Council

These regulations are made under clause 19 of Schedule 1 of the Legislation Act 2019


on the advice and with the consent of the Executive Council; and


on the recommendation of the Attorney-General made after complying with clause 19(3) of that schedule.


3Amendments to Conservation Act 1987
4Section 48 amended (Regulations)
5Section 48A amended (Special regulations relating to freshwater fisheries)
6Amendment to Marine Mammals Protection (West Coast North Island Sanctuary) Notice 2008
7Clause 8 revoked (Status of notice under Legislation Act 2012)
8Amendment to National Parks Act 1980
9Section 56 amended (Bylaws)
10Amendment to Films, Videos, and Publications Classification Act 1993
11Section 149 amended (Regulations)
12Amendment to Taxation (Budget 2021 and Remedial Measures) Act 2021
13Section 2 amended (Commencement)
14Amendment to Animal Products Act 1999
15Section 166A amended (Scope of regulations)
16Amendments to Biosecurity Act 1993
17Section 131 amended (Declaration of controlled area)
18Section 165 amended (Regulations)
19Amendment to Dairy Industry Restructuring Act 2001
20Section 28A amended (Transferring export licences)
21Amendments to Fisheries Act 1996
22Section 16 amended (Emergency measures)
23Section 186A amended (Temporary closure of fishing area or restriction on fishing methods)
24Section 186B amended (Temporary closure of fisheries)
25Section 297 amended (General regulations)
26Section 303 amended (Certain secondary legislation may be consolidated)
27Amendment to Forests (Regulation of Log Traders and Forestry Advisers) Amendment Act 2020
28Section 7 amended (New Part 2A inserted)
29Amendments to Veterinarians Act 2005
30Section 4 amended (Interpretation)
31Section 8 amended (Recognition of institutions and academic qualifications)
32Section 75 amended (Functions of Council)
33Section 88 amended (Approved and prescribed matters to be notified and available for inspection)
34Section 97 amended (Council may prescribe fees)
35Section 100 amended (Further provisions relating to fees)
36Amendment to Wine Act 2003
37Section 119A amended (Scope of regulations)
38Amendments to Climate Change Response Act 2002
39Section 50 amended (Regulations)
40Section 167 amended (Regulations relating to fees and charges)
41Amendments to Commerce Act 1986
42Section 53C amended (Section 52P determination to set out information disclosure requirements)
43Section 53ZE amended (Levies)
44Amendment to Crown Minerals Act 1991
45Section 101B amended (Interfering with structure or operation in offshore area)
46Amendments to Electricity Act 1992
47Section 169 amended (Regulations)
48Amendment to Electricity Industry Act 2010
49Section 128 amended (Levies)
50Amendments to Financial Markets Authority Act 2011
51Section 67 amended (Regulations relating to fees, charges, and costs)
52Section 68 amended (Levy of financial markets participants and other persons registered or incorporated under Acts referred to in Schedule 1)
53Amendment to Financial Reporting Act 2013
54Section 52 amended (Levy regulations)
55Amendments to Gas Act 1992
56Section 43S amended (Supplementary provision relating to regulations and rules)
57Section 43ZZE amended (Levy regulations that may be made)
58Section 54 amended (Regulations)
59Section 55 amended (Regulations relating to information disclosure)
60Amendment to Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Compensation (Code of ACC Claimants’ Rights) Notice 2002
61Schedule amended
62Amendment to Postal Services Act 1998
63Section 60 amended (Regulations)
64Amendment to Takeovers Regulations 2000
65Regulation 6 amended (Costs payable to Panel)
66Amendment to Telecommunications Act 2001
67Section 188 amended (Section 170 determination to set out information disclosure requirements)
68Amendments to COVID-19 Public Health Response Act 2020
69Section 11 amended (Orders that can be made under this Act)
70Section 15 amended (Amendment or extension of COVID-19 orders)
71Amendments to Epidemic Preparedness Act 2006
72Section 5 amended (Prime Minister may enable use of special powers)
73Section 7 amended (Renewal and modification of epidemic notices)
74Amendments to Health Act 1956
75Section 117 amended (Regulations as to public health)
76Amendment to Human Tissue Act 2008
77Section 60 amended (Exemptions)
78Amendment to Misuse of Drugs Act 1975
79Section 37 amended (Regulations)
80Amendment to Radiation Safety Act 2016
81Section 88 repealed (Codes of practice to be available on Internet site)
82Amendment to Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009
83Section 157 amended (Minister may grant exemptions)
84Amendments to Privacy Act 2020
85Sections 213, 214, and 215 amended
86Amendment to Social Security Act 2018
87Section 444 amended (Regulations: debts and deductions)
88Amendment to Airport Authorities Act 1966
89Section 9A amended (Regulations requiring disclosure of information by airport companies)
90Amendment to Land Transport Act 1998
91Section 2 amended (Interpretation)
92Amendments to Land Transport (Blood Specimen Collecting Instrument and Procedure) Notice 2014
93Clause 5 amended (Relevant blood specimen collecting procedure)
94Amendment to Land Transport Management Act 2003
95Section 46 amended (Authority to establish road tolling scheme)
96Amendment to Maritime Transport Act 1994
97Section 33W amended (Crown harbours and facilities)
98Amendment to Arms Act 1983
99Section 74 amended (Regulations)
100Amendment to Policing Act 2008
101Section 79G amended (Exemptions, waivers, and refunds)
102Amendment to Legislation Act 2019
103Section 2 amended (Commencement)
104Amendment to Legislation (Recognition of Overseas Lawyers) Order 2014
105Clause 3 amended (Specified countries and jurisdictions)
106Amendment to Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 1989
107Section 65 amended (Bank may authorise use of restricted words in name or title)
108Amendment to Ngā Rohe Moana o Ngā Hapū o Ngāti Porou Act 2019
109Section 49 amended (Regulations for customary fishing practices)
110Amendments to Overseas Investment Act 2005
111Section 38A amended (Information for tax purposes)
112Section 61 amended (Regulations)
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