Cadastral Survey Rules 2021

  • Rule 104 table 8 corrected on 5 October 2021 under section 25(1)(j)(iii) of the Legislation Act 2012.
103 Parcel annotations

A title diagram must prominently depict the annotations set out in table 7, as appropriate and clearly related to the relevant parcels.

Table 7: Parcel annotations for title diagrams
Existing centre-line easement of unknown width“Width unknown”
Parcel area derived from accepted boundaries“Area not determined by survey”
Land in a parcel intended to remain in a title limited as to parcels“Limited as to parcels”
Land in a parcel intended to remain in a Hawke’s Bay interim title“Hawke’s Bay interim title”
Land in a parcel intended for disposal by the Crown, or land already subject to Part 4A of the Conservation Act 1987“Subject to Part 4A Conservation Act 1987”
A movable marginal strip or esplanade strip[Width of strip]
An existing non-primary parcel already defined in an approved CSD in terms of rule 105(2)(a)“Parcel adopted from [CSD number]”
A parcel required to vest or other matters required by law[Suitable notation] (for example, “road to vest in [  ] District Council”)
Any road, railway, or water body that abuts a new parcel The name or (if no name is available) a simple description of the road, railway, or water body
Land that has been eroded“Erosion”
Land being claimed as accretion“Accretion”
Land being claimed as dry stream bed“Dry bed”
A balance parcel that is a fixed marginal strip“Marginal strip”

Compare: SR 2010/492 r 10.4.8