Cadastral Survey Rules 2021

  • Rule 104 table 8 corrected on 5 October 2021 under section 25(1)(j)(iii) of the Legislation Act 2012.
43 Parcel type components

The parcel type component of an appellation in rule 42(1)(a) must be as specified in table 3.

Table 3: Parcel type component of appellation
Type of parcelParcel type component
Primary parcel in a Land Transfer CSD“Lot”
– –with a height-limited boundary“Height-Limited Lot”
Primary parcel in a Survey Office CSD“Section”
—with a height-limited boundary“Height-Limited Section”
Unit title development

As appropriate,—


“Principal Unit”:


“Accessory Unit”:


“Future Development Unit”:


“Common Property”

Movable marginal strip parcel“Marginal Strip”
Esplanade strip parcel“Esplanade Strip”
Any other non-primary parcel“Area”
—with a height-limited boundary“Height-Limited Area”

Compare: SR 2010/492 r 5.5.2