Cadastral Survey Rules 2021

  • Rule 104 table 8 corrected on 5 October 2021 under section 25(1)(j)(iii) of the Legislation Act 2012.


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Cadastral Survey Rules 2021

These rules are made by the Surveyor-General under section 49 of the Cadastral Survey Act 2002.


3Purpose of these rules
4Transitional, savings, and related provisions
5Definitions are in dictionary in Schedule 2
6Duty of surveyor when defining boundary by survey
7Right-line boundaries
8Arc boundaries
9Irregular boundaries
10Water boundaries
11Water centre-line boundaries
12Height-limited boundaries
13Boundaries and boundary points to be defined by survey
14Information that may be adopted
15Acceptance of boundary
16Horizontal datum: orientation
17Horizontal datum: connection
18Vertical datum
19Accuracy of non-boundary marks
20Accuracy of connection to control network
21Accuracy of boundary referencing
22Use of class A
23Use of class B
24Use of class C
25Use of class D
26Class to be used where connected boundaries have different classes
27Accuracy of boundary points
28Accuracy must be sufficient to avoid overlap
29Accuracy of water, water centre-line, and irregular boundaries
30Accuracy of intersection of right-line boundary with water, water centre-line, or irregular boundary
31Boundary points must be referenced
32Number and distance of permanent reference marks
33Nature of permanent reference marks
34Reference marks for height-limited boundaries to have reduced levels
35Boundaries must be marked
36New boundary marks
37Disturbed boundary marks and survey marks
38Primary parcel boundaries
39Accounting for primary parcels
40Width of parcels
41Parcel areas
42General land appellation
43Parcel type components
44Māori land appellation
45Unique parcel identifier
46Non-primary parcel boundaries
47Non-primary parcels crossing boundaries
48Surrendering part of easement or revoking part of covenant
49Centre-line easements
50Classes A and B for non-primary parcels
51Classes A and B with inaccurate relationship to underlying parcel
52Class C for non-primary parcels
53Class C with inaccurate relationship to underlying parcel
54Acceptance of non-primary boundaries
55Accuracy and survey requirements where underlying parcel not created by survey
56Permanent structure boundary
57Accuracy of permanent structure boundaries
58Existing unit and lease boundaries may be accepted
59CSD number for unit title development
60Vertical datum and vertical control mark
61Referencing height-limited boundary points
62Height-limited boundary points on existing unit developments
63Boundary marks for non-primary parcels
64Reference marks where non-primary parcel marked
66Class C for common marine and coastal area
67Accepting existing water boundaries
68Offsetting MHWS or MLWS
69Class and dimensions of intersecting boundaries
70Horizontal datum and connection
71Content of CSD
72Information to be included in survey report
74Units of measure for CSDs
75Adopted information must match source
76Record of survey
77Datum information
78Vector information
79Boundary information
80Survey mark information
81Information about occupation and physical features
82Depicting survey mark information
83Parcel information
84Parcel information for movable marginal strip
85Water, water centre-line, and irregular boundaries
86Height-limited boundaries
87Parcel annotations
88Boundary annotations
90Diagram symbols, line styles, and text
91Presentation of information on survey diagram
92Title plan information
93New easement information
94Existing easement information
95Covenant information
96Area schedule
97Parcel information
98Parcel information for unit title or cross lease development
99Parcel information for movable marginal strip
100Water, water centre-line, and irregular boundaries
101Permanent structure boundaries
102Height-limited boundaries
103Parcel annotations
104Boundary annotations
105Boundary dimensions
106Diagram symbols, line styles, and text
107Presentation of information on title diagram
109Re-establishing boundaries affected by ground movement
110Defining non-primary parcel boundaries
111Redefinition of underlying parcel boundaries in greater Christchurch
113CSD must be lodged for boundary marking
114Complex boundary reinstatements and restrictions
115Horizontal datum: orientation
116Reference marks
117Content of simple boundary reinstatement CSD
118Survey report
119Record of survey
120Reinstatement diagram
121Diagram symbols, line styles, and text
Explanatory note
Administrative Information