Oranga Tamariki (National Care Standards and Related Matters) Regulations 2018

Part 2 Support to address child’s or young person’s needs

General support

30 Support for assessed needs


The chief executive must ensure that—


support is available to a child or young person in care or custody to address their needs (as identified in their needs assessment); and


the child or young person is assisted to access the support referred to in paragraph (a).


The support referred to in subclause (1)(a) includes financial support and the assistance of specialist services (where required).


If support is provided under this Part, it should be provided—


promptly; and


in the amount and in the way the chief executive considers appropriate; and


in a way that involves consideration of the cultural safety of the child or young person to whom support is provided.


In this regulation, cultural safety means the protection from any action that diminishes, demeans, or disempowers the cultural identity or well-being of an individual, including their—


age or generation; or


gender; or


sexual orientation or gender identity; or


occupation; or


socio-economic status; or


ethnic origin; or


migrant experience; or


religious or spiritual belief; or