Fisheries (Reporting) Regulations 2017

46 Exemptions


The chief executive may exempt a person or class of persons from compliance with all or any of the requirements under these regulations if the chief executive is satisfied that—


compliance with any requirement of these regulations would cause undue hardship or would be unduly impracticable; and


the exemption is no broader than is reasonably necessary to address the matters giving rise to the exemption; and


the exemption would not unduly prejudice the management and conservation of any fishery resource.


An exemption—


must be in writing; and


if it relates to a class of persons, may be published—


on an Internet site maintained by or on behalf of the Ministry; or


in any New Zealand publication that relates primarily to commercial fishing; and


must specify a date on which it expires; and


may be granted subject to any conditions that the chief executive may reasonably impose; and


may be amended or revoked to reflect changed circumstances.

Compare: SR 2001/188 r 41