Patents Regulations 2014

Deposit requirements for micro-organisms

59 Deposit requirements for micro-organisms


The prescribed period for the purposes of section 43(1)(b) of the Act is 12 months after the date of issue of the first examination report under section 65 of the Act.


The prescribed form of receipt for the purposes of section 43(2) of the Act is a copy of a receipt issued by a prescribed depositary institution under rule 7 of the Budapest Regulations, and, if that receipt is not in English, the applicant must provide a verified translation of the receipt.


In this regulation, Budapest Regulations


means the regulations made under the Budapest Treaty; and


includes any amendments from time to time made to those regulations.

Compare: Patents Regulations 1991 r 3.23(2) (Aust)

Regulation 59(1): replaced, on 5 April 2018, by regulation 7 of the Patents Amendment Regulations 2018 (LI 2018/34).