Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010

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17 Maintaining safe distances
  • (1) A person who carries out any construction, building, excavation, or other work on or near an electric line must maintain safe distances in accordance with ECP 34.

    (2) A person commits a Grade A offence if he or she fails to comply with ECP 34 and is a person—

    • (a) to whom ECP 34 applies; or

    • (b) who owns or controls any line, works, fittings, building, structures, equipment, or machinery to which ECP 34 applies; or

    • (c) who controls any work referred to in subclause (1).

    (3) However, in relation to work on or near overhead rail electrification lines, subclauses (1) and (2) apply as if the reference to ECP 34 were a reference to IEC 62128-1.

    (4) A person commits a grade A offence if the person places thermal insulating material on or around fittings in an installation in such a way that the safety of the installation is compromised.

    Compare: SR 1997/60 r 93