Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004


2.12 Motorways


A driver must not enter a motorway except at an opportunity and at a speed that will place the driver correctly in the stream of traffic without danger to any other user of the motorway.


A driver must not stop or park on a motorway except in an area set aside and indicated by a traffic sign as a parking area.


A driver must not drive in an emergency stopping lane unless—


the driver needs to drive in it to avoid a collision or to stop in an emergency; or


the driver’s vehicle is disabled; or


a sign at the entrance to the lane indicates vehicles of a specified class or classes may use the lane during the time specified on the sign and the driver is operating a vehicle of that specified class or one of those specified classes.


A driver must not reverse or make a U-turn on a motorway.

Compare: SR 1976/227 r 3A(1)–(3)