Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004

2.8 Passing on left


A driver must not pass or attempt to pass on the left of another vehicle moving in the same direction except in accordance with this clause.


In any case in which the movement referred to subclause (1) may be made,—


the 2 vehicles must be in different lanes; or


the overtaken vehicle must be stationary or its driver must have given or be giving the prescribed signal of that driver’s intention to turn right; or


if the overtaken vehicle is a light rail vehicle moving in the same direction, the light rail vehicle must not be—


signalling an intention to turn left or to stop; or


stationary for the purposes of allowing passengers to alight or board.


If the roadway is marked in lanes, the driver may make the movement referred in subclause (1) only if the driver’s vehicle does not encroach on a lane that is unavailable to a driver.

Compare: SR 1976/227 r 8(1)