Resource Management (Forms, Fees, and Procedure) Regulations 2003

Form 30 Submission on publicly notified application for water conservation order or for revocation or amendment of water conservation order

Sections 205 and 216, Resource Management Act 1991

To [name of special tribunal]

Name of submitter: [full name]

This is a submission on an application from [name of applicant] for a water conservation order (or for a revocation or amendment of a water conservation order) for [name of water body].

[Briefly describe the application and the reasons for the application.]

The specific parts of the application that my submission relates to are:

[give details].

My submission is:


  • whether you support or oppose the order; and

  • the reasons for your views].

[If you support the order, but prefer to preserve a different but related water body in the same catchment, state this and your reasons.]

[If you support the order, but prefer to preserve different features and qualities of the water body, state this and your reasons.]

*[In giving reasons for these preferences, you must refer, if practicable, to the matters set out in sections 199, 200, 207 of the Resource Management Act 1991. You must also describe the provisions that you think should be included in the order and the effects that those provisions would have on the water body.]

[If you oppose the order, you must give reasons why the order is not justified in terms of sections 199 and 207 of the Resource Management Act 1991.]

I seek the following recommendation from the special tribunal:

[give precise details, including the general nature of any changes sought to the order].

I wish (or do not wish) to be heard in support of my submission.

*If others make a similar submission, I will consider presenting a joint case with them at a hearing.

*Delete if you would not consider presenting a joint case.

Signature of submitter
(or person authorised to sign
on behalf of submitter)

(A signature is not required if you make your submission by electronic means.)

Electronic address for service of submitter:
Postal address (or alternative method of service under section 352 of the Act):
Contact person: [name and designation, if applicable]

Note to submitter

You must serve a copy of your submission on the applicant as soon as reasonably practicable after you have served your submission on the special tribunal.

The special tribunal may require you to provide further information on your submission.

Please note that your submission (or part of your submission) may be struck out if the authority is satisfied that at least 1 of the following applies to the submission (or part of the submission):

  • it is frivolous or vexatious:

  • it discloses no reasonable or relevant case:

  • it would be an abuse of the hearing process to allow the submission (or the part) to be taken further:

  • it contains offensive language:

  • it is supported only by material that purports to be independent expert evidence, but has been prepared by a person who is not independent or who does not have sufficient specialised knowledge or skill to give expert advice on the matter.

Schedule 1 form 30: amended, on 18 October 2017, by regulation 15(1) of the Resource Management (Forms, Fees, and Procedure) Amendment Regulations 2017 (LI 2017/231).

Schedule 1 form 30: amended, on 1 June 2006, by regulation 10(2) of the Resource Management (Forms, Fees, and Procedure) Amendment Regulations 2006 (SR 2006/99).