Sale and Supply of Alcohol (Community Participation) Amendment Bill

Hon Kiritapu Allan

Sale and Supply of Alcohol (Community Participation) Amendment Bill

Government Bill



Explanatory note
3Principal Act
4Section 5 amended (Interpretation)
5New section 6A inserted (Transitional, savings, and related provisions)
6ATransitional, savings, and related provisions
6Section 79 amended (Territorial authority must produce provisional policy by consulting on draft policy using special consultative procedure)
7Sections 80 to 88 replaced
80Territorial authority must give public notice of finalised policy
81When local alcohol policy adopted
82Territorial authority may discontinue development of local alcohol policy
83Territorial authority may recommence development of local alcohol policy
8Section 89 amended (Disallowance of local alcohol policy)
9Section 90 amended (When local alcohol policy is in force)
10Section 102 amended (Objections to applications)
11Section 128 amended (Objections to renewal)
12Section 133 replaced (Renewal of licences where relevant local alcohol policy exists)
133Renewal of licences where relevant local alcohol policy exists
13Section 202 amended (Procedure)
14New section 203A inserted (Licensing committees must establish appropriate procedures)
203ALicensing committees must establish appropriate procedures
15Section 204 amended (Right of certain persons to appear in proceedings)
16Section 205 replaced (Right of persons to appear in relation to appeal under section 81)
205Control of hearings
205ADirections to provide evidence within time limits
205BDirections and requests before or at hearings
205CStriking out evidence or briefs
17New Schedule 1AA inserted
18Principal regulations
19Regulation 16 amended (Territorial authorities adopting joint LAP)
20Regulation 17 amended (Public notice of provisional LAP)
21Regulation 18 revoked (Appeal against element of provisional LAP)
22Regulation 19 amended (Public notice of adoption of LAP)

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: