Criminal Activity Intervention Legislation Bill

Hon Kiritapu Allan

Criminal Activity Intervention Legislation Bill

Government Bill



Explanatory note
3Principal Act
4Section 308 amended (Threatening acts)
5New section 308A inserted (Discharging firearm to intimidate)
308ADischarging firearm to intimidate
6Principal Act
7Section 22H amended (Persons disqualified from holding firearms licence)
8Section 39A amended (When FPO may be made)
9Principal Act
10Section 111A amended (Firearms prohibition order)
11Principal Act
12Section 45 amended (Restrictions on some trespass surveillance and use of interception device)
13Principal Act
14Schedule 1 amended
15Principal Act
16Section 96 amended (Vehicle seized and impounded for 28 days in certain circumstances)
17Section 102 amended (Appeal to Police against impoundment of vehicle)
18Principal Act
19Section 6 amended (Issuing officer may issue search warrant)
20New subpart 6A of Part 2 inserted
18BApplication for warrant to search places and vehicles and seize weapons
18CContent of application
18DIssue of warrant to search places and vehicles in specified area and seize weapons
18EPlaces and vehicles may be searched on more than 1 occasion
18FForm and content of warrant
21Section 98 amended (Application for search warrant)
22Section 131 amended (Identification and notice requirements for person exercising search power (other than remote access search))
23New section 160A inserted (Disposal of weapons)
160ADisposal of weapons
24Section 170 amended (Annual reporting of search and surveillance powers by Commissioner)
25New section 171A inserted (Information to be included in report on warrants under subpart 6A of Part 2)
171AInformation to be included in report on warrants under subpart 6A of Part 2
26Principal Act
27New subpart 5A of Part 2 inserted
67AProhibition on certain cash transactions
28Section 78 amended (Meaning of civil liability act)
29Section 90 amended (Pecuniary penalties for civil liability act)
30Section 104 amended (Time limit for prosecution of offences relating to non-compliance with AML/CFT requirements)
31New section 105A and cross-heading inserted
105AContravention of section 67A
32Principal Act
33New sections 123A to 123E and cross-heading inserted
123BSeizure of cash of or over cash seizure threshold amount
123CApplication to retain cash seized for further period
123DReturn or release of cash seized
123EApplication to District Court for return or release of cash seized
34Section 149 amended (Disposal of things seized or produced)
35Section 342 amended (Regulations)

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: