Data and Statistics Bill

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Researcher obligations

54 Researcher obligations in relation to data accessed for research


An individual, public sector agency, or organisation that is authorised to access data under section 48 (and, in the case of a public sector agency or an organisation, each individual within the agency or organisation who has completed a certificate of confidentiality under section 42) must—


access and use the data only for the research for which access is authorised under section 48(1); and


comply with any conditions imposed by the Statistician under section 48(2); and


take all reasonable steps to ensure that they do not publish or otherwise disclose data in a form that could reasonably be expected to identify any individual or organisation; and


publish or otherwise disclose the results of their research and their methodologies.


Despite subsection (1)(c), the individual, public sector agency, or organisation (as applicable) may publish or otherwise disclose—


data in a form that may identify an individual or organisation if the publication or other disclosure is authorised in writing by the individual or the organisation to which the data relates:


data of a type described in section 39(2)(b) to (e) if the Statistician authorises the publication or disclosure.


The publication of results and methodologies under subsection (1)(d) may be in summary form.


Nothing in subsection (1)(d) requires—


a public sector agency to disclose data if a request for that data could be refused under section 18 of the Official Information Act 1982 (other than for the reason set out in section 18(d) of that Act); or


disclosing the data would be contrary to any legislation.