Data and Statistics Bill

Obligation to comply with request

29 Obligation to comply with request


An individual, public sector agency, or organisation to whom which a request for data is made under section 23 or 26 must provide the data by the date, and in the manner and form, specified in the request.


Subsection (1) does not apply—


if legislation other than this Act expressly prevents the provision of the data; or


to any data the provision of which is identified in the request or otherwise to be voluntary; or


in the case of a request made to a public sector agency, to any data the public sector agency refuses to provide under subsection (3).


A public sector agency may refuse to provide data if providing the data to the Statistician for the production of official statistics would be likely—


to prejudice the security or defence of New Zealand or the international relations of the Government of New Zealand; or


to prejudice the entrusting of information to the Government of New Zealand on a basis of confidence by—


the Government of any other country or any agency of the Government of any other country; or


any international organisation; or


to prejudice the maintenance of the law, including the prevention, investigation, and detection of offences, and the right to a fair trial.


In the case of a request to an Office of Parliament, the Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives, or the Parliamentary Service, the provision of all the data requested is to be treated as voluntary.


Except with the prior approval of the Statistician, responding to a request by referring to another document from which the data can be obtained does not constitute compliance with the request.