Data and Statistics Bill

45 Obligations of public sector agencies

A public sector agency must—


provide information when requested by the Statistician about the production of official statistics by that agency; and


raise any material concerns with the Statistician regarding the quality, production, or timeliness of—


statistics identified in the multi-year data and statistical programme maintained established under section 18; or


statistics notified to the agency from time to time by the Statistician; and


when requested by the Statistician, advise the Statistician about data it holds that is being, or is proposed to be, used as a source for official statistics; and


consult the Statistician before making changes to the data it collects, the data or statistical collections it holds, the content of its data or statistical collections, or the manner of collecting or managing data if those changes could affect—


the data used by the Statistician or any public sector agency for statistical production; or


the statistics produced from data held by the agency; or


data that is made available by the Statistician for research under Part 5; and


within a reasonable time after receiving notice in writing from the Statistician that the Statistician is conducting a review of the production of official statistics, provide any reasonable facilities that are necessary to facilitate completion of the review; and


when requested by the Statistician, provide information about that agency’s compliance with standards issued set under section 90.

Compare: 1975 No 1 ss 5(1), 7(2)