Crown Pastoral Land Reform Bill

  • enacted

Hon Damien O’Connor

Crown Pastoral Land Reform Bill

Government Bill



3Principal Act
4Long Title repealed
5New section 1A inserted (Purpose)
6Section 2 amended (Interpretation)
7New section 2A inserted (Transitional, savings, and related provisions)
2ATransitional, savings, and related provisions
8Part 1 replaced
4Outcomes for decision-makers
5Māori interests
6Classification of pastoral activities on pastoral land
7Burning of vegetation
8Activities affecting or disturbing soil
10Application process
11Commissioner’s decision
12Decision-making criteria: consent for discretionary pastoral activity
13Decision-making criteria: grant of commercial recreation permit
16Stock limitations
17Renewal of lease after expiry
18Belated exchange of pastoral leases for reviewable leases
20Term and expiry
21Permission under other enactments still needed
22Boundary disputes
22ABoundary adjustments
22BChief executive to prepare monitoring framework
22CCommissioner to monitor compliance by holders of reviewable leases or licences
22DStrategic intentions document
22ECommissioner must report summary of certain decisions
23Application of Land Act 1948 to this Part
9Part 2 repealed
10Section 83 amended (Objects of Part 3)
11Section 84 amended (Matters to be taken into account by Commissioner)
12Section 86 amended (Commissioner to review certain Crown land)
13New section 87A inserted (Approval of Minister needed for some designations)
87AApproval of Minister needed for some designations
13ASection 90 amended (Certain provisions of Part 2 relating to substantive proposals to apply)
13BSection 99 amended (Commissioner to meet certain official costs)
14New Part 4A inserted
100ACosts of remedial action
100BCommissioner may accept enforceable undertakings
100CCommissioner must give notice of decision and reasons
100DInfringement offences
100EProceedings for infringement offences
100FWho may issue infringement notices
100FAWhen infringement notice may be issued
100FBRevocation of infringement notice before payment made
100GWhat infringement notice must contain
100GAHow infringement notice may be served
100HReminder notices
100IPayment of infringement fees
100JPenalties for infringement offences
100KBreaches of statutory or contractual provisions
100LPower to amend Schedule 1AB
100LAPower to amend Schedule 1ABA
100MChief executive to review Schedule 1AB
100OChief executive or Commissioner may set standards and issue directives
15New Schedules 1AA, 1AB, 1ABA, and 1AC inserted
16Consequential amendments
17Amendments to Land Act 1948Principal Act
18Section 17 amended (Application for rehearing)
19Section 24 amended (Powers and duties of Commissioners)
20Section 60 amended (Creation of easements)
21Section 66A amended (Recreation permit)
21ASection 89 amended (Board to consent to dealings with leases or licences)
22Section 100 amended (Preservation of timber)
Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: