Building (Building Products and Methods, Modular Components, and Other Matters) Amendment Bill

  • enacted
8 Section 11 amended (Role of chief executive)


In section 11(b), replace “building methods or products” with “building products or building methods”.


After section 11(k), insert:


registers persons as product certification bodies under section 267A and registers product certificates under section 272A; and


makes product certification scheme rules under section 272E; and


appoints a person as the modular component manufacturer certification accreditation body under section 272I; and


registers persons as modular component manufacturer certification bodies under section 272N and modular component manufacturers under section 272Y; and


makes MCM scheme rules under section 272ZG; and


In section 11(m)(iii), replace “Part 4A” with “subparts 7 and 7A of Part 3 and Parts 4A and 4B.