Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill

  • enacted
51 New section 95A inserted (Suppression orders)

After section 95, insert:

95A Suppression orders


The Tribunal may, on the application of any party to the proceedings or on its own initiative, having regard to the interests of the parties and to the public interest, order that all or part of the evidence given or the name or any identifying particulars of any witness or party not be published.


An order may be made subject to any conditions that the Tribunal considers appropriate.


If a party that has wholly or substantially succeeded in the proceedings applies for an order that their name or identifying particulars not be published, the Tribunal must make the order unless the Tribunal considers that publication is in the public interest, or is justified because of the party’s conduct or any other circumstances of the case.


If the chief executive acts in the place of a party under section 124A, the Tribunal must make an order that the name and any identifying particulars of that party not be published.


Subsection (3) does Subsections (3) and (3A) do not limit subsection (1).