Racing Industry Bill

  • enacted
43 Powers of inspector


An inspector has the right to enter, at all reasonable times and without charge, any racecourse or premises of TAB NZ.


An inspector—


may demand from any officer or employee of a racing club or TAB NZ any information that the inspector considers necessary for the purposes of an inspection:


may, at any reasonable time, examine any books, accounts, records, or other documents, or any machine or equipment, used for the purposes of racing betting or sports betting.


An officer or employee of a racing club or TAB NZ who is required under subsection (2)(a) to provide information must provide that information within 28 days.


An inspector exercising any power under this section must produce evidence of the inspector’s authority to act as an inspector immediately on request by any person to do so.


Nothing in this section limits or affects the privilege against self-incrimination.


Every person has the same privileges and immunities as witnesses have in a court of law in relation to


the giving of information to an inspector; and


the giving of evidence to, or the answering of questions put by, an inspector; and


the production of any document, information, or thing to an inspector.

Compare: 1971 No 155 s 60; 2003 No 3 s 48