Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission Bill

  • enacted
15 Reasons for refusing to supply requested information


The Commission must not request, and an entity must not supply, information that is—


personal information as defined in section 2(1) of the Privacy Act 1993; or


information held by the Government Statistician that was collected under the Statistics Act 1975; or


information that a revenue officer must keep confidential under section 18 of the Tax Administration Act 1994.


An entity may refuse a request for information if—


it can be properly withheld under sections 6, 7, 9(2)(a), (b)(i), (ba)(ii), (c) to (h), (j), or (k) of the Official Information Act 1982; or


the supply of the information would limit the ability of the entity, or of any of its employees, members, or office holders, to act judicially, or to carry out the statutorily independent functions of the entity, in relation to a particular matter.

Compare: 2019 No 51 s 24