Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission Bill

  • enacted

Power to obtain information

14 Power of Commission to obtain information


The Commission may request an entity specified in subsection (6) to supply to the Commission any information that is necessary or desirable to enable the Commission to perform its functions.


A request—


must be in writing; and


may state the date by which, and the manner in which, the information must be provided.


If a date is specified, that date must be reasonable.


An entity to which the request is made must comply with the request.


Section 15 overrides subsections (1) and (4).


A request may be made to 1 or more of the following entities:


a department named in Schedule 1 of the State Sector Act 1988, other than—


the Government Communications Security Bureau; and


the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service:


a departmental agency named in Schedule 1A of the State Sector Act 1988:


a statutory entity named in Schedule 1 of the Crown Entities Act 2004:


the New Zealand Defence Force:


the New Zealand Police.

Compare: 2019 No 51 s 23