Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission Bill

  • enacted
8 Board of Commission


The board of the Commission consists of 2 to 5 3 to 7 members.


In appointing the members, When recommending a person for membership of the board, the Minister must have regard to the need for members to collectively—


have knowledge, understanding, and experience of—


te ao Māori (Māori world view), tikanga Māori (Māori protocol and culture), and whānau-centred approaches to wellbeing; and


the cultural, economic, educational, spiritual, societal, environmental, and other factors that affect people’s mental health and wellbeing; and


mental health services and addiction services; and


public health approaches and population health approaches to improving health outcomes; and


improving overall system performance; and


have personal experience of mental distress; and


have personal experience of addiction.


This section does not limit section 29 of the Crown Entities Act 2004.