Education (Vocational Education and Training Reform) Amendment Bill

  • enacted

Schedule 2 New Part 2 inserted into Schedule 13A

s 67(2)

Part 2 Additional provisions of Crown Entities Act 2004 applying to NZIST

Section Brief description
Section 37Removal of members of autonomous Crown entities
Section 38Removal of elected members of Crown agents and autonomous Crown entities
Section 40Definition of just cause
Section 41Process for removal
Section 43No compensation for loss of office
Sections 44 and 45Resignation of members and members ceasing to hold office
Sections 47 and 48Remuneration and expenses of members
Sections 49 to 52Collective duties of board
Sections 53 to 57Individual duties of members
Sections 58 to 61Effect of non-compliance with duties and reliance on information and advice
Sections 73 to 76Delegation
Section 77Vacancies in membership of board
Sections 96 to 102Crown entity subsidiaries
Sections 120 to 126Liability of members, office holders, and employees
Sections 127 and 128 to 130Method of contracting and seal Dealings with third parties
Sections 138 to 149AStatement of intent
Sections 149B to 149MStatement of performance expectations
Sections 150 to 156Reporting: annual report
Section 158 Bank accounts of Crown entities