Senior Courts Bill

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152 Rules Committee


For the purposes of this Act, Part 2 of the Judicature Modernisation Act 2013, the Criminal Procedure Act 2011, and any other relevant Act, there continues to be a Rules Committee consisting of—


the Chief Justice:


the Chief High Court Judge:


2 other Judges of the High Court appointed by the Chief Justice:


the Chief District Court Judge:


1 other District Court Judge appointed by the Chief Justice on the recommendation of the Chief District Court Judge:


the Attorney-General:


the Solicitor-General:


the chief executive of the ministry responsible for the administration of this Act:


2 persons, who are barristers and solicitors of the High Court, nominated by the Council of the New Zealand Law Society and approved by the Chief Justice.


The Chief Justice may appoint any other person to be a member of the Rules Committee for a special purpose. That person holds office during the pleasure of the Chief Justice.


The members appointed under subsection (1)(c), (e), and (i)


must be appointed for terms not exceeding 3 years:


may be reappointed:


may resign office by notice in writing to the Chief Justice.


The Rules Committee is a statutory board within the meaning of the Fees and Travelling Allowances Act 1951.


The members of the Rules Committee referred to in subsections (1)(i) and (2) may be paid fees, salary, and allowances in accordance with the Fees and Travelling Allowances Act 1951.

Compare: 1908 No 89 s 51B