Electoral Amendment Bill

  • enacted

Hon Judith Collins

Electoral Amendment Bill

Government Bill


As reported from the Justice and Electoral Committee




1 Title

2 Commencement

Part 1
Amendments to principal Act

3 Principal Act

4 Section 3 amended (Interpretation)

5 New subpart 1 heading in Part 4 inserted

6 Section 63 amended (Application for registration)

7 Section 63A replaced (Application for registration of party logo)

8 Section 64 amended (Times when registration prohibited)

9 Section 65A repealed (Certain logos not to be registered)

10 Section 67A repealed (Registration of party logos)

11 Section 68A repealed (Inspection of party logos)

12 Section 69 replaced (Changes to Register)

13 Section 69A repealed (Changes to party logos)

14 Section 70A repealed (Cancellation of registration of party logo)

15 New subpart 2 of Part 4 inserted

16 Section 78 replaced (Exercise of Maori option)

17 Sections 82 to 86 replaced

18 Section 87 renumbered (Procedure following application for registration)

19 Section 87A renumbered (Procedure if immigration status means applicant apparently not qualified to be registered)

20 Section 88 amended (Application received after issue of writ)

21 Section 89 repealed (Notice of registration)

22 New sections 89A to 89G and cross-headings inserted

23 Sections 90 and 91 and cross-heading above section 90 repealed

23A Section 127A amended (Deposit by party secretary)

23B Section 146F amended (Deposit payable in respect of bulk nomination schedule)

24 New section 156A inserted (Enrolment confirmation cards)

25 Section 157 amended (Materials for polling places)

26 Section 163 amended (Ballot box to remain closed during poll)

27 Section 167 replaced (Issue of ordinary ballot papers)

28 Section 174A amended (Ballot papers, etc, to be compiled, certified, and sent to Returning Officer)

24 Section 167 amended (Issue of ordinary ballot papers)

29 Section 174C amended (Preliminary count of early votes)

30 Section 174F amended (Scrutineers for count of early votes)

31 Section 176 amended (Marked copies of rolls to be compared)

32 Section 187 amended (Disposal of ballot papers, rolls, etc)

33 Section 190 amended (Papers taken from parcels as evidence in certain cases)

34 Section 196A amended (Unlawful possession of ballot paper)

35 Section 197 amended (Interfering with or influencing voters)

36 Section 198 replaced (Power to remove statements, names, emblems, slogans, or logos)

37 Section 201 amended (Offences in respect of ballot papers and ballot boxes)

38 Section 202 replaced (Property to be stated as being in Returning Officer)

39 Section 205M amended (Return may be filed after time limitation if candidate outside New Zealand)

40 Section 205N amended (Offences relating to return of candidate's election expenses)

41 Section 206I amended (Return of party's election expenses)

42 Section 206N amended (Offences relating to return of party's election expenses)

43 Section 206ZE amended (Offences relating to return of registered promoter's election expenses)

44 Section 207C amended (Contributors to be identified)

45 Section 207K amended (Overseas donation or contribution may not exceed $1,500)

46 Section 209 amended (Return of candidate donations)

47 Section 209B amended (Offences relating to return of candidate donations)

48 Section 210 amended (Annual return of party donations)

48A Section 210C amended (Return of party donation received from same donor exceeding $30,000)

49 Section 210D amended (Offences relating to return of party donations)

50 New Part 6B inserted

51 New section 243A inserted (Orders to be made by court after determination under section 243 if list seats allocated)

52 Section 266A amended (Expenditure limits to be adjusted each year by Order in Council)

53 Schedule 2 amended

54 Other amendments to principal Act

55 Transitional provision for party logos registered before commencement date

56 Transitional provision for loans entered into on behalf of parties before commencement date

Part 2
Consequential amendments to other enactments

Amendments to Citizens Initiated Referenda Act 1993

57 Amendments to Citizens Initiated Referenda Act 1993

Amendment to Referenda (Postal Voting) Act 2000

58 Amendment to Referenda (Postal Voting) Act 2000

Amendment to Electoral (Administration) Amendment Act 2011

59 Amendment to Electoral (Administration) Amendment Act 2011

Amendments to Electoral Regulations 1996

60 Amendments to Electoral Regulations 1996

61 Regulation 3 replaced (Application for registration)

62 Regulation 4A amended (Updating of electoral rolls)

63 Regulation 4B amended (Transfer of electors between electorates)

64 Schedule 1 amended

Other amendments to principal Act

Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: