Inquiries Bill

  • enacted

Hon Chris Tremain

Inquiries Bill

Government Bill


As reported from the committee of the whole House



1 Title

2 Commencement

Part 1
Preliminary provisions

3 Purpose

4 Interpretation

5 Act binds the Crown

Part 2
Establishment and membership of inquiry

6 Types of inquiry

7 Matters to be specified in instrument establishing inquiry

7 Establishment instrument to establish inquiry

8 Removal from office

9 Vacancy in membership of inquiry

Part 3
Duties, powers, immunities, and privileges

Duties and powers of inquiry generally

10 Inquiry must act independently, impartially, and fairly

11 Limits to scope of power of inquiry

Reporting obligation

12 Reporting by inquiry

Counsel assisting

13 Counsel to assist inquiry

Powers and duties of inquiry relating to procedure

14 Regulation of inquiry procedure

15 Power to impose restrictions on access to inquiry

16 Power to postpone or temporarily suspend inquiry

17 Application of principles of natural justice

Persons participating in inquiry

18 Designation of core participants

Legal assistance

19 Recommendation as to legal assistance

Evidential matters

20 Evidence

21 Powers to obtain information

22 Delegation

23 Disclosure of evidence

24 Power to summon witnesses

25 Service of summons to witnesses

26 Expenses of witnesses and other participants

Immunities and privileges

27 Immunity of inquiry

28 Other immunities and privileges of participants

Part 4
Sanctions and miscellaneous matters

Subpart 1Sanctions able to be imposed by or on behalf of inquiry

Orders for award of costs

29 Award of costs

Offences and penalties

30 Offences

31 Penalties

Contempt against inquiry

32 Contempt proceedings

Subpart 2Miscellaneous matters

Official Information Act 1982 and Public Records Act 2005

33 Application of Official Information Act 1982

34 Application of Public Records Act 2005

Court proceedings

35 Reference of questions of law to High Court

36 Inquiry to be cited in judicial review proceedings

Review required

37 Review of continuing application of Commissions of Inquiry Act 1908

Repeal, transitional provisions, and consequential amendments

38 Commissions of Inquiry Act 1908

39 Transitional provision

40 Consequential amendments to other Acts

Schedule 1
Acts under which entities have been, or may be, set up and to which Commissions of Inquiry Act 1908 applies

Schedule 2
Consequential amendments to other enactments

Legislative history

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: