Mental Health (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Amendment Act 2021

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Mental Health (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Amendment Act 2021

Public Act
2021 No 41
Date of assent
29 October 2021
see section 2


3Principal Act
4New section 2C inserted (Transitional, savings, and related provisions)
2CTransitional, savings, and related provisions
5Section 9 amended (Assessment examination to be arranged and conducted)
6Section 33 amended (Compulsory treatment order to expire after 6 months)
7Section 34 amended (Court may extend order)
8New sections 34A to 34D inserted
34ACourt may further extend order for 12-month period
34BDetermination of application under section 34A
34CExamination and hearing of application for extension of community treatment order by audiovisual link
34DCourt may dispense with examination and hearing
9New section 53A inserted (Transport of special patients)
53ATransport of special patients
10Section 92 amended (Directors of Area Mental Health Services)
11Section 122B amended (Use of force)
12New Schedule 1AA inserted
13Section 2 amended (Interpretation)
14Section 2A amended (Meaning of proposed patient)
15Section 6A amended (Use of audiovisual links permitted during COVID-19 response)
16Section 7A amended (Practitioner or responsible clinician to consult)
17Section 8B amended (Certificate to accompany application for assessment)
18Section 9 amended (Assessment examination to be arranged and conducted)
19Section 10 amended (Certificate of preliminary assessment)
20Section 11 amended (Further assessment and treatment for 5 days)
21Section 38 amended (Assistance when person may need assessment)
22Section 41 amended (Police assistance)
23Section 42 amended (Notice of admission)
24Section 45 amended (Application for assessment may be made in respect of persons detained in prisons)
25Section 96 amended (Visitations by district inspectors and official visitors)
26Section 109 amended (Police powers in relation to person appearing to be mentally disordered in public place)
27Section 110 amended (Powers of medical practitioner when urgent examination required)
28Section 110B amended (Powers of medical practitioner when urgent assessment required)
29Section 110C amended (Powers of Police when urgent assistance required)
30Section 111 amended (Powers of nurse where urgent assessment required)
31Section 127 amended (Transfer of patients)
32Section 134 amended (Fees of medical practitioners)
33Schedule 1 amended
34Temporary COVID-19 response provisions repealed
Legislative history
Administrative information

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: