Public Service Act 2020

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Long-term insights briefings

8 Long-term insights briefings


A chief executive of a department must give a long-term insights briefing to the appropriate Minister at least once every 3 years and must do so independently of Ministers.


The purpose of a briefing is to make available into the public domain—


information about medium- and long-term trends, risks, and opportunities that affect or may affect New Zealand and New Zealand society:


information and impartial analysis, including policy options for responding to matters in the categories referred to in paragraph (a).


A briefing may set out the strengths and weaknesses of policy options but without indicating a preference for a particular policy option.


The subject matter must be selected by a chief executive taking into account—


the purpose of the briefing; and


the matters in the categories in subclause (2)(a) that the chief executive considers are particularly relevant to the functions of their department.


Two or more chief executives may give a joint briefing that meets the requirements of this clause for each of the departments covered by the briefing.


Any agency in the State services may contribute to a briefing by a department or departments on subject matter relevant to the operation of their agency.


The Minister must present a copy of a briefing to the House of Representatives as soon as is reasonably practicable after receiving it.