Public Service Act 2020

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44 Commissioner’s general functions

The Commissioner’s general functions are to—


establish and lead a public service leadership team so that public service agencies work as a system to deliver better services to, and achieve better outcomes for, the public; and


promote integrity, accountability, and transparency throughout agencies in the State services, including by setting standards and issuing guidance; and


work with public service leaders to develop a highly capable workforce that reflects the diversity of the society it serves and to ensure fair and equitable employment, including by promoting the good employer requirements in this Act; and


act as the employer of public service chief executives, including by—


appointing chief executives and reviewing their performance, including how they carry out their responsibilities and functions under this Act or another enactment; and


to the extent relevant in each case, reviewing the performance of the public service agency that the chief executive leads or carries out some functions within; and


review the design and operation of the system of government agencies in order to advise the Minister or the appropriate Minister on the following matters:


possible improvements to delivery of services and inter-agency cohesion:


agency establishments, disestablishments, and amalgamations:


the governance and allocation of functions, and the transfer of functions to and between agencies; and


carry out any other administrative and management functions in relation to the public service that the Prime Minister from time to time directs (not being functions conferred by this Act or another enactment on a chief executive appointed by the Commissioner).

Compare: 1988 No 20 s 6