Education and Training Act 2020

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426 Conditions on receiving funding


It is a condition of an organisation receiving funding under section 425 that the organisation supply to TEC or the Ministry, as required by TEC or the Ministry, and in a form specified by TEC or the Ministry, any financial, statistical, or other information that TEC or the Ministry requires the organisation to supply.


TEC may give funding approval subject to conditions, but only if the conditions are—


conditions that the Minister has determined TEC must attach to funding under section 419(3)(d); or


conditions that TEC considers necessary to ensure that the specified outcomes in a plan that relate to tertiary education programmes and activities in relation to which funding is being given are being achieved or are to be achieved; or


conditions that TEC considers reasonably necessary to enable TEC to effectively monitor the performance of organisations and the tertiary education sector generally.


If TEC intends to give funding approval subject to a condition of the type described in subsection (2)(c), TEC must, before giving funding approval,—


give the affected organisation at least 21 days’ notice of the proposed condition; and


consider any submissions on the proposed condition made by the organisation.


TEC may amend any condition imposed under subsection (2).


The amendment to the condition takes effect when the organisation has been given reasonable notice of it.

Compare: 1989 No 80 s 159YC