Legislation Act 2019

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79A Legislative status of publication notes and information

The following, inserted by the PCO in carrying out its functions of publishing and consolidating legislation, do not form part of the text of the official version of legislation (even if published in that version):


machine-readable text, links, or other metadata inserted as an aid to assist users of electronic versions of legislation:


a record of the legislative history of the legislation (including a record of the fact that changes have been made by the PCO under subpart 2):


information recorded and published by the PCO under clause 14 of Schedule 1 or as an aid to assist users to understand how this Act applies to secondary legislation:


any other note or information that is clearly identified, in a suitable place on the legislation website, as not forming part of the legislation.

Section 79A: inserted, on 25 March 2021, by section 4(2) of the Secondary Legislation Act 2021 (2021 No 7).