District Court Act 2016

186 Effect of charging order

A charging order has the following effect (subject, in the case of a charging order over a registered estate or interest in any land, to registration under section 188):


it charges the estate, right, title, or interest of the judgment debtor in the property described in the order with payment of the amount for which the judgment creditor has obtained judgment:


except with the leave of the court or in accordance with the rules, it restrains the person served with it—


from making, or concurring in making, or permitting any conveyance, transfer, assignment, or disposition of any estate, right, or interest, or of any share in a partnership or company, of the judgment debtor; or


from paying over any income, interest, dividends, bonus, profits, or other money due or accruing due to the judgment debtor.

Compare: 1947 No 16 s 96A(2)(a), (b)