Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Amendment Act 2015

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Reprint as at 1 December 2017

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Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Amendment Act 2015

Public Act
2015 No 72
Date of assent
4 September 2015
see section 2

Changes authorised by subpart 2 of Part 2 of the Legislation Act 2012 have been made in this official reprint.

Note 4 at the end of this reprint provides a list of the amendments incorporated.

This Act is administered by the Ministry for the Environment.


3Principal Act
4Section 2 amended (Interpretation)
5Section 3 amended (Act to bind the Crown)
6New section 3A inserted (Transitional and savings provisions relating to amendments to Act)
3ATransitional and savings provisions relating to amendments to Act
7Section 11 amended (Powers, functions, and duties of Authority)
8Section 19 amended (Delegation by Authority)
9Section 20 amended (Obligation to prepare and maintain register)
10Section 26 replaced (Determination of new organism or hazardous substance)
26Determination of new organism or hazardous substance
11Section 33 amended (Exemptions from Act for small-scale research on hazardous substances)
12Section 53 amended (Applications required to be publicly notified)
13Section 53A repealed (Method of public notification)
14Section 58 amended (Further information)
15Section 59 amended (Time limits and waivers)
16Section 62 amended (Grounds for reassessment of a substance or organism)
17Section 63A amended (Modified reassessment procedure for amendments to approvals of hazardous substances)
18New section 63C inserted (Modified reassessment to change controls in other cases)
63CModified reassessment to change controls in other cases
19Section 65 amended (No compensation following reassessment)
20New section 67B inserted (Revoking duplicated approvals)
67BRevoking duplicated approvals
21Section 68 amended (Minister’s power to call in applications with significant effects)
22Section 74 replaced (Establishment of hazard classification system)
74Establishment of hazard classification system
23Section 75 amended (Regulations prescribing hazard classification control)
24Section 76 replaced (Requirements for containers, identification, disposal, emergencies, tracking, and fireworks)
76Authority may prescribe controls and requirements relating to hazardous substances
76AAuthority may prescribe other matters relating to hazardous substances
76BFurther provisions relating to EPA notices
76CProcedure for issuing EPA notices
76DApplication of Legislation Act 2012 to EPA notices
25Section 77 amended (Controls on hazardous substances)
26Section 77A amended (Authority’s power to impose controls and vary specified controls)
27Section 77B amended (Exposure limits for substances with toxic or ecotoxic properties)
28Section 78 amended (Codes of practice)
29Section 82 replaced (Issue of test certificates by test certifiers)
30Sections 82A, 82B, and 83 to 86 repealed
31Section 82C amended (Revocation of test certificates)
32Cross-heading above section 95A amended
33Section 95B repealed (Licences)
34Section 96B amended (Group standards)
35Section 96C amended (When group standards may be issued or amended)
36Section 96D amended (Revocation of group standards)
37Section 97 amended (Enforcement of Act)
38Section 97B replaced (Enforcement of Act in respect of hazardous substances in place of work)
97BEnforcement of Act in respect of hazardous substances in workplace
39New section 97C inserted (Sharing of information between Authority and enforcement agencies)
97CSharing of information between Authority and enforcement agencies
40Section 99 amended (Supervision of inspection)
41Section 103 amended (Powers of entry for inspection)
42New section 103A inserted (Powers of entry for inspection relating to hazardous substances)
103APowers of entry for inspection relating to hazardous substances
43Section 109 amended (Offences)
44Section 111 amended (Commission of infringement offence)
45Section 113 amended (Entitlement to infringement fees)
46Section 117 amended (Strict liability and defences)
47Section 125 amended (Appeals)
48Section 140 replaced (Regulations)
49Section 141 amended (Procedure for making Orders in Council)
50Section 142 amended (Relationship to other Acts)
51Section 144 amended (Reporting of incidents)
52Schedule 2A amended
53Schedule 7 replaced
54Consequential and other amendments to principal Act
55Amendments to other enactments
Reprint notes

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: