New Zealand Flag Referendums Act 2015

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Coat of Arms of New Zealand

New Zealand Flag Referendums Act 2015

Public Act
2015 No 66
Date of assent
14 August 2015
see section 2


6General description of Preferential Voting electoral system
7General description of First Past the Post electoral system
8Application of Act to conduct outside New Zealand
9Act binds the Crown
10Subject of referendums
11Appointment of dates for referendums
12Voting period
13Alternative flag designs
14Voting paper in second flag referendum
15Returning Officer
16Returning Officer may employ or engage persons
17Delegation by Returning Officer
18Rolls of electors
19Who may vote
20Electoral systems for referendums
21Period for dispatching voting papers
22Dispatching voting papers by post
23Dispatching replacement voting papers by post
24Dispatching voting papers by fax, email, or dictation
25Envelopes and information accompanying voting papers
26Extension of voting period
27Method of voting
28Return of voting papers to Returning Officer
29Times for return of voting papers
30Voting papers returned late
31Processing of voting papers
32Informal voting papers
33Invalid voting papers
34Protection of secrecy during processing
35Publicity during processing
36Supervision of processing
37Procedure after close of voting period
38Declaration of result of referendum
39Determination of result in event of tie
40Disposal of voting papers and rolls
41Who may make application
42Who may be respondents
43Group of electors may oppose application
44Making of application
45Application to be served on respondents
46More than 1 application relating to same referendum
47Matters to be inquired into at hearing
48Decision of court as to result of referendum
49Fresh referendum
50Unauthorised use or disclosure of referendum information
51Influencing electors generally
52Offences in relation to voting papers
53Bribery by any person at any time
54Bribery by any person after voting period
55Bribery by elector before or during voting period
57Undue influence
58Interference with voting or compromising secrecy of voting
60Offences in relation to processing
61Property may be stated as vesting in Returning Officer
63Meaning of referendum advertisement
64Referendum advertisement to include promoter statement
65Failure to include promoter statement in referendum advertisement
66Duty of Electoral Commission
67Regulated periods for purposes of Parliamentary Service Act 2000
69Validation of irregularities
70Amendments to Flags, Emblems, and Names Protection Act 1981
5The New Zealand Flag
5A1902 Flag
71Amendments to Land Transport (Driver Licensing) Rule 1999
63AValidity not affected by change of New Zealand Flag
72Transitional provision
Legislative history
Administrative information

The Parliament of New Zealand enacts as follows: