Electronic Identity Verification Act 2012

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Mandatory amendment or cancellation, suspension, or revocation

32 Mandatory amendment of electronic identity credential


The chief executive must amend an electronic identity credential if the chief executive is satisfied, after proper inquiries, that—


the core identity information of the individual to whom it has been issued has changed as a result of the individual’s adoption under any of the following:


an adoption order under the Adoption Act 1955:


an adoption order that has the same operation and effect as an adoption order under that Act:


an adoption to which section 17 of that Act or section 11 of the Adoption (Intercountry) Act 1997 applies; or


there is an error or omission in the core identity information contained in the electronic identity credential; or


the core identity information contained in the electronic identity credential needs to be updated.


Subsection (1)—


applies whether or not an application to amend the electronic identity credential is made to the chief executive under section 30; and


does not limit the grounds for making an application to amend an electronic identity credential under section 30.


If subsection (1)(b) applies, the chief executive must remove any incorrect information and replace it with new information, but only if he or she is satisfied that the new information in his or her possession is correct.