Local Government (Auckland Council) Act 2009

Decision making

14 General scheme


This section sets out the general scheme of sections 14 to 21. These are the provisions of this Act that set out how the Auckland Council, in its capacity as a local authority, makes its decisions. This section is by way of explanation only and does not limit or affect the other provisions of this Act or any other enactment.


Both the governing body and the local boards are responsible and democratically accountable for the decision making of the Auckland Council. Whether responsibility for making any particular decision rests with the governing body or 1 or more or all of the local boards depends on the nature of the decision being made.


Section 15 sets out the classes of decisions that the governing body must make. Section 16 sets out the classes of decisions that local boards must make. Both sections include a class of decisions in respect of non-regulatory activities of the Council. The governing body allocates responsibility for any particular decision in this class of decisions to either itself or the local boards by applying the principles set out in section 17. The results of the allocation must then be set out in the LTP and annual plans of the Council so that the people of Auckland, and any other persons, can easily determine whether the governing body or a local board is responsible for any particular decision of the Council.


To determine local wishes and priorities in relation to the non-regulatory activities for which a local board is allocated responsibility, the board must consult its communities. The local board does this by preparing a local board plan under section 20. This plan is used as a basis for the board to develop an annual local board agreement with the governing body under section 21 in which the nature, levels, and funding of the activities are set out.

Section 14(2): amended, on 8 August 2014, by section 77 of the Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Act 2014 (2014 No 55).

Section 14(3): amended, on 27 November 2010, by section 50 of the Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Act 2010 (2010 No 124).