Part 1 General provisions

3 Purpose of this Act


The purpose of this Act is to help to prevent deaths and to promote justice through—


investigations, and the identification of the causes and circumstances, of sudden or unexplained deaths, or deaths in special circumstances; and


the making of recommendations or comments that, if drawn to public attention, may reduce the chances of further deaths occurring in circumstances similar to those in which the deaths occurred.


To help to achieve its purpose, this Act—


identifies deaths that must be reported to a coroner and the process for reporting and investigating those deaths:


recognises both—


the cultural and spiritual needs of family of, and of others who were in a close relationship to, a person who has died; and


the public good associated with a proper and timely understanding of the causes and circumstances of deaths:


provides for an independent coronial system for investigations of deaths by coroners liaising with other authorities permitted or required by law to investigate those deaths:


repeals and replaces the Coroners Act 1988.

Section 3(1)(b): replaced, on 21 July 2016, by section 4 of the Coroners Amendment Act 2016 (2016 No 29).