Building Act 2004

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Subpart 5—Code compliance certificates, certificates of acceptance, and compliance schedules

Code compliance certificates

91 Building consent authority that grants building consent to issue code compliance certificate


A building consent authority that granted the building consent for building work to which a code compliance certificate relates is the only person who may issue that certificate.


However, another building consent authority may issue a code compliance certificate if the following persons agree:


the owner of the building to which the building work relates; and


the building consent authority that it is proposed will issue the code compliance certificate.


Subsection (4) applies if—


a building consent authority that is not a territorial authority or a regional authority is unable or refuses to issue a code compliance certificate in relation to building work for which it granted a building consent; and


no other building consent authority will agree to issue a code compliance certificate for the building work under subsection (2).


The owner of the building to which the building work relates must apply for a certificate of acceptance under section 96.

Section 91(3)(a): amended, on 14 April 2005, by section 3(5) of the Building Amendment Act 2005 (2005 No 31).