Building Act 2004

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72 Building consent for building on land subject to natural hazards must be granted in certain cases

Despite section 71, a building consent authority that is a territorial authority must grant a building consent if the building consent authority considers that—


the building work to which an application for a building consent relates will not accelerate, worsen, or result in a natural hazard on the land on which the building work is to be carried out or any other property; and


the land is subject or is likely to be subject to 1 or more natural hazards; and


it is reasonable to grant a waiver or modification of the building code in respect of the natural hazard concerned.

Compare: 1991 No 150 s 36(2)

Section 72: amended, on 15 March 2008, by section 13 of the Building Amendment Act 2008 (2008 No 4).