Local Electoral Act 2001

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82 Justices of the Peace to observe processing before close of voting


The electoral officer must appoint at least 1 Justice of the Peace, and may appoint as many additional Justices as the electoral officer considers necessary, to observe the processing of voting documents under section 80.


At least 1 Justice appointed under subsection (1) must be present when any step referred to in section 80 is being taken during the voting period or is being completed after the close of voting.


Every Justice appointed under subsection (1) must give a certificate to the electoral officer stating whether or not the Justice is satisfied that section 80 and the regulations prescribing the procedure for early processing of voting documents were complied with while the Justice was observing the processing of voting documents.


A Justice who gives a certificate stating that he or she is not satisfied that section 80 or that the applicable regulations were complied with must attach a report to the certificate setting out any way in which the section or regulations, as the case may be, were not complied with.