Copyright Act 1994

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3 Associated definitions for purposes of broadcasting
  • (1) For the purposes of this Act, an encrypted transmission shall be regarded as capable of being lawfully received by members of the public only if decoding equipment has been made available to members of the public by or with the authority of the person making the transmission or the person providing the contents of the transmission.

    (2) References in this Act to a programme, in relation to broadcasting, are to the visual images, sounds, or other information transmitted.

    (3) References in this Act to the person making a broadcast, broadcasting a work, or including a work in a broadcast are—

    • (a) To the person transmitting the programme, if he or she has responsibility to any extent for its contents; and

    • (b) To any person providing the programme, when that person makes with the person transmitting it the arrangements necessary for its transmission.

    (4) For the purposes of this Act, in the case of a broadcast by satellite transmission,—

    • (a) The place from which the broadcast is made is the place from which the signals carrying the broadcast are transmitted to the satellite; and

    • (b) The person making the broadcast is the person who transmits those signals to the satellite.

    (5) References in this Act to the reception of a broadcast include reception of a broadcast relayed by means of a telecommunications system.

    Compare: Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, s 6(2)-(5) (UK); Copyright Act 1968, s 22(6) (Aust).