Health and Disability Commissioner Act 1994

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Reprint as at 1 November 2008

Health and Disability Commissioner Act 1994

Public Act1994 No 88
Date of assent20 October 1994


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This Act is administered in the Ministry of Health



12 Term of office [Repealed]

16 Annual report [Repealed]

Receipt of complaints

Referral of complaints to agencies, persons, statutory officers, or advocates

Decision to take no action

Commissioner required to share certain information

Investigations by Commissioner

Proceedings before Human Rights Review Tribunal

Miscellaneous provisions


Vicarious liability



Amendments to other enactments

Reprint notes

An Act to promote and protect the rights of health consumers and disability services consumers, and, in particular,—

  • (a) To secure the fair, simple, speedy, and efficient resolution of complaints relating to infringements of those rights; and

  • (b) To provide for the appointment of a Health and Disability Commissioner to investigate complaints against persons or bodies who provide health care or disability services; and to define the Commissioner's functions and powers; and

  • (c) To provide for the establishment of a Health and Disability Services Consumer Advocacy Service; and

  • (d) To provide for the promulgation of a Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers's Rights; and

  • (e) To provide for matters incidental thereto

BE IT ENACTED by the Parliament of New Zealand as follows: