Part 7 Miscellaneous provisions

133 Licences and registration


Where any person is licensed or registered under any enactment to carry on any occupation or activity or where any premises or vehicle are registered or licensed for any purpose under any enactment, and where the person or other authority authorised to renew, revoke, cancel, or review any such licence or registration is satisfied—


that in the carrying on of the occupation or activity; or


that in the use of the premises or vehicle,—

there has been a breach of any of the provisions of Part 2, the person or authority, in addition to any other powers which that person or authority has, but subject to subsection (2), may refuse to renew or may revoke or cancel any such licence or registration, as the case may require, or may impose any other penalty authorised by the enactment, whether by way of censure, fine, or otherwise.


Any procedural requirements of the enactment, including any whereby a complaint is a prerequisite to the exercise by the person or authority of its powers under the enactment, shall be observed.


In any case in which any of the powers conferred by subsection (1) are exercised,—


the person or authority shall in giving its decision state that the decision is being made pursuant to subsection (1); and


any person who would have been entitled to appeal against that decision if it had been made on other grounds shall be entitled to appeal against the decision made pursuant to subsection (1).


In this section, the term enactment means any provision of any Act, regulations, or bylaws.

Compare: 1971 No 150 s 23