Human Rights Act 1993

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Discrimination in access to educational establishments

57 Educational establishments


It shall be unlawful for an educational establishment, or the authority responsible for the control of an educational establishment, or any person concerned in the management of an educational establishment or in teaching at an educational establishment,—


to refuse or fail to admit a person as a pupil or student; or


to admit a person as a pupil or a student on less favourable terms and conditions than would otherwise be made available; or


to deny or restrict access to any benefits or services provided by the establishment; or


to exclude a person as a pupil or a student or subject him or her to any other detriment,—

by reason of any of the prohibited grounds of discrimination.


In this section, educational establishment includes an establishment offering any form of training or instruction and an educational establishment under the control of an organisation or association referred to in section 40.

Compare: 1977 No 49 s 26(1), (3)