Human Rights Act 1993

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56 Further exception in relation to disability


Subject to subsection (2), nothing in section 53 shall apply, in relation to any accommodation, if the disability of the person is such that there would be a risk of harm to that person or others, including the risk of infecting others with an illness, if that person were to live in that accommodation and it is not reasonable to take that risk.


Subsection (1) shall not apply if the person in charge of the accommodation could, without unreasonable disruption, take reasonable measures to reduce the risk to a normal level.


Nothing in section 53 makes it unlawful to fail to provide special services or facilities designed to make accommodation suitable for occupation by a person with a disability, if those special services or facilities cannot reasonably be provided in the circumstances.

Section 56(3): added, on 10 September 2008, by section 8 of the Human Rights Amendment Act 2008 (2008 No 65).