25 Retraction or reply


Any person who claims to have been defamed by any matter published in a news medium may, not later than 5 working days after that person becomes aware of the publication of that matter in that news medium, request the person who was responsible for the publication of that matter to publish, in the same medium as the publication complained of, with substantially similar prominence, and without undue delay,—


a retraction of the matter in so far as it includes or consists of statements of fact; or


a reasonable reply.


Where, in response to a request made under subsection (1), a person agrees to publish a retraction or a reply, that person shall also offer to pay to the person who made the request (in this subsection referred to as the requester),—


where it is agreed to publish a reply, the cost of publishing that reply; and


the solicitor and client costs incurred by the requester in connection with the publication of the retraction or reply; and


all other expenses reasonably incurred by the requester in connection with the publication complained of; and


compensation for any pecuniary loss suffered by the requester as a direct result of the publication complained of.


In this section, reply means a statement of explanation or rebuttal, or of both explanation and rebuttal.