Ship Registration Act 1992

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Version as at 28 October 2021

Coat of Arms of New Zealand

Ship Registration Act 1992

Public Act
1992 No 89
Date of assent
1 October 1992
see section 1

The Parliamentary Counsel Office has made editorial and format changes to this version using the powers under subpart 2 of Part 3 of the Legislation Act 2019.

Note 4 at the end of this version provides a list of the amendments included in it.

This Act is administered by the Ministry of Transport.


1Short Title and commencement
3New Zealand-owned ships
4Ships on demise charter to New Zealand-based operators
5Application of Act to Crown, etc
5AAct is maritime Act
6Requirement to register certain New Zealand-owned ships and pleasure vessels
7Representative persons
8Entitlement to register certain New Zealand-owned ships and other ships
9Foreign-registered ships not registrable under this Act
10Liabilities of ships not registered
11Certain unregistered ships not to leave New Zealand
12Applications for registration
13Declaration of ownership and nationality
14Evidence required before registration
15Tonnage measurement of ship required before registration
16Power to disallow proposed name and to allow change of name
17Appeals from decisions under section 16
18Application for reservation of name
19Ship to be marked before registration
20Entry of particulars in Part A of Register
21Entry of particulars in Part B of Register
22Registration of property in ships
23Grant of certificates of registry and registration
24Particulars of master to be endorsed on certificate of registry of ship leaving New Zealand
25Custody of certificates
26Replacement certificates
27Grant of provisional certificate of registry or registration
28Duration of provisional certificates of registry or registration
29Temporary passes
30Alterations to ships
31Change of name or address or nationality of owner or mortgagee
32Closure of registration
33Rights of mortgagees where ship ceases to be registrable
34Application of Part
35Transfer of ships and shares in ships
36Transmission of ship or share in ship by operation of law
37Declarations of transfer and transmission
38Certificate of registry to be endorsed where change in ownership
39Mortgage of ship or share in ship
40Priority of mortgages
41Alteration of terms of mortgage by endorsement
42Variation of priority of mortgages
43Transfer of mortgage
44Transmission of mortgage by operation of law
45Discharge, waiver, or extinction of mortgage
46Powers of disposal by owner
47Mortgage not to change ownership
48Mortgagee to have power of disposal
49Trusts not recognised
50Equities not excluded
51Caveat forbidding registration of certain instruments
52Notice of caveat
53Procedure for removal of caveat
54When caveat to lapse
55No dealing to be registered while caveat in force
56Compensation for lodging caveat without reasonable cause
57Certain ships to have New Zealand nationality
58National colours and other flags
58AFlags authorised under prerogative
59Declaration of ship’s nationality before Customs clearance
60Improperly assuming or concealing New Zealand nationality
61Registrar of Ships
62Deputy Registrars of Ships
63Seal of Registrar
64Protection of Registrar and Deputies
65New Zealand Register of Ships
66Power to appoint suitable organisation to maintain any Part of Register
67Correction of clerical errors
68Power to give directions in respect of obsolete or incorrect entries
69High Court may direct rectification of Register
70Priority of securities or charges in respect of foreign ships
71Detention of ships
72Proceedings on forfeiture
73Protection of officers in respect of seizure or detention
74False statements
75Making false documents, etc
76Liability of directors and officers of bodies corporate
77Offences to be punishable on summary conviction [Repealed]
78Proceedings for offences
79Service of documents
80Admissibility of documents in evidence
81Evidence relating to transmissions
82Power of Registrar to dispense with declarations and other evidence, etc
83Mode of making declarations
84Power to prescribe or approve forms
85Power to appoint or recognise persons as proper officers
85ADelegation of Minister’s functions and powers to Director
86Delegation of Director’s powers
88Repeals and amendments
90Ships registered in New Zealand under previous law deemed registered under this Act
91Verification of particulars in registers kept under previous law
92Applications under previous law
93Transfer of foreign registered ships
94References in other laws

An Act to provide for the registration of ships in New Zealand and related matters